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Comprehensive production of our customers' products

We are professionals in what we do

More than 200 satisfied customers from all over Europe

We supply components to all industries

Complex production of the product as required

Production of prototypes, repetitive products and structural units

What we offer

Verification of manufacturability, design calculations, certified welding under the supervision of EWE / IWE, precise 3D machining up to 10 meters, assembly, packaging, transport

Why choose us

Production technology

We keep our production technologies in perfect condition and, according to customer requirements, we constantly improve and invest in new production technologies

competence inHouse

All major production processes are carried out in our company, which guarantees responsibility and control in one place

Emphasis on repetitive quality

Quality is a matter of course for us and it is one of the measures of customer satisfaction that we constantly measure.


We offer our customers not only production but also logistics options for securing supplies, such as KANBAN, Just In Time, Safety Stock,

Examples of production

Annual turnover of the company

> EUR 6 million

Number of employees

> 100

The total area of the complex

19,000 m2

Processed iron per year

> 2000 tonnes

Examples of production



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