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Who we are

1950 - 1967


Due to high unemployment in the village in 1948, the locksmith of the German Rudolf Kalwoda under the administration of the MNV was changed to a serial metalworking and assembly cooperative Drukov. The production of Hoffart electric drills, carpentry machines, winders, children's tubular cars, and more was transferred here. At that time, about 35 employees worked here.

1967 - 1996


In 1967, the Drukov cooperative was completely reorganized and a new Jihokov production cooperative was established in South Moravia, based in Hustopeče due to the lack of suitable rooms in the production plant in Pohořelice. The association consisted of 5 production plants in Hustopeče, Klobouky near Brno, Novosedlí, Mikulov and Pohořelice. At that time, the cooperative employed 750 workers, and in Pohořelice, 60, including apprentices.

1996 - 2012


This year, it was transformed into a joint - stock company NERIA as, which expanded its serial production program with sheet metal shears, press brakes, fireplace inserts, heating and tooling, which it operated until 2012.

2012 - present

The production plant in Pohořelice was bought by NERIA INDUSTRY as

On November 27, 2012, the purchase of the production plant in Pohořelice by NERIA INDUSTRY as, which continued the production tradition of this plant. Since 2013, the company has started with the production of special customer requirements and introduced partial series production. From the beginning, our goal is to become a long-term partner for our customers. For these reasons, we are constantly investing in new production technologies and processes.

Our mission

Our main idea is to change the opinion "it is not possible" to "it is a challenge" and thus maintain the tradition of the Czech Republic and be the best in the field of engineering

The main values


We want to be the best at what we do, so we constantly train our employees and introduce the required technologies to our customers


For our and our customers, efficiency is reflected in pricing, so we work with an open calculation


For us, our customers are partners to whom we offer long-term cooperation. therefore, stability is one of our main goals for us and our employees

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