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What can we help you with?

Prototype production

Our company has set up inspection, preparation and production processes to ensure discreet and quality production of prototype welded and machined products, including surface treatment, assembly

Mass production

The second part of our production is procedurally set for repeated / serial production of welded and machined components using lean methods for the lowest production costs.

Construction calculation

Together with our partners, we provide certified design calculations of welded design solutions according to the customer's design, so that the required components meet expectations


We assemble welded and machined components according to the customer's wishes into bases or assemblies, including standardized components according to the specification.

Visual components

Based on customer requirements, we have expanded our portfolio to include the production of visual parts, such as machine covers, furniture iron components, sliding gates and the like.


To ensure the surface treatment of manufactured parts, we use long-proven partners for types of surface treatment such as wet painting, powder paint, zinc, chrome, ballot paper, KTL and others.

Sheets and their products

We offer separate sales of sheets and their products according to customer requirements. With the possibility of bending, welding, painting. This service is used by assembly companies and private individuals.

Spare parts for JIHOKOV drills

The previous company Jihokov, subsequently Neria as, produced well-known and functional stand drills. Our company provides a spare parts warehouse for these products. contact (online shop is being prepared)

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